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Bid Management

Send invitations, analyze bids, and create contracts

Bid management makes it easy to create bid packages from your estimates and invite vendors to bid.  Once bids are received you can analyze and award contracts that will effortlessly integrate with estimating, project management, and accounting.

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Email vendors an invitation to bid.  From the portal they can see all bid details, files and submit their bids online.

Easily analyze the bids. Colors indicate the top three bids and allow you to award a complete bid or specific parts.

Once awarded you can create subcontractor contracts and committed costs on your project.  One click.

The awarded bid will update your estimate so that you can have accurate representation of your costs.

seemless integration

Bid Management is integrated perfectly with estimating, CRM, and subcontract management

Send Invitations to Bid

Quickly add vendors to your bid package,  add the related drawings, specifications and other necessary files.  Once your package is ready to go – click send and each vendor will receive an email allowing them to view the complete bid package details online,

Let us show you how bid management can help keep your organized

Create, Collaborate with vendors, Analyze and issue subcontracts.

Analyze & Award Bids

Sometimes determining which bid is best can be complicated.  With Twenty20 you can view all the bids and bid items received and easily determine which vendor should be awarded.


A live, on-line demonstration is available at your request, regardless of location or time zone.  You will be on an individual guided tour of one of our sample datasets and see all of the applications, modules, and functionality on offer.  Get your specific questions answered immediately and personally. 

Issue Subcontracts

One click is all it takes to create subcontracts for the vendors that have been awarded on your project. There are really two parts to a subcontract; first, the committed cost, second is the actual printed contract to your subcontractor.

Bid Management is part of a total construction solution

Use it alone or part of the complete solution. the choice is yours.

Update Estimating

Although each estimate is unique, there are many ways to create standardization. The database makes it possible to store estimate templates, standard items, assemblies, default prices, formulas and other components for easy reuse.

Project Management

Manage project financials and Documents. Share important files & collaborate


Customer billing, vendor invoicing and payments, General ledger & financials

Estimating & Bid Management

Track project costs, markups and add-ons. Create customer proposals & job cost budgets

Operations & Administrative

Manage employees, skills and certifications, track requests for leave & time

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