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A successful project starts before being awarded

A good estimate is the foundation for a successful project.  Estimating helps you establish budgets quickly,  add markups & add-ons, and easily create beautiful customer proposals.  One more click and you create all the subcontracts for your project. Ready to go for project management and accounting.

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Store standard items, assemblies, formulas and prices in a database to streamline estimate creation, reduce errors and create project budgets.

Add out of the box markups and add-ons or create your own with our flexible formulas. Marking up your estimates is easy and accurate.

One click turns your estimate to a customizable  proposal.  From a single page summary  to a multiple page agreement; the choice is yours.

Adding subcontractors and amounts makes it easy to create and track committed costs on your project.  Print and distribute right from Twenty20.

Not just estimating...

Estimating is One part of the Twenty20 Construction Platform. It seamlessly integrates with Project Management, Accounting and Human Resources.

Database Driven

Although each estimate is unique, there are many ways to create standardization. The database makes it possible to store estimate templates, standard items, assemblies, default prices, formulas and other components for easy reuse.

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Estimating integrates perfectly with project management & accounting

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Markups & Add-ons

An estimate is more that just items with budget amounts. There are markups that add in fees, overhead  and add-ons that will add new lines. Each are calculated by flexible formulas to ensure that your estimates and proposals are accurate.

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See for yourself

Reading web pages and watching videos is a great way to get a feel for what Twenty20 does, but nothing compares to a live demo.  Ask us questions.  Let us show you how estimating can work in your company.

Customer Proposals

Twenty20 advanced proposal gives you the ability to control the sections and format of the proposal that you generate for your customer.


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Let us show you how twenty20 brings it all together

    Try it for free for 30 days! 

Vendor Subcontracts

Easily create the committed subcontract costs from the estimate that is integrated into project management.  

Once created, you print out your actually subcontract agreement to send to your sub and track invoices against the Subcontract.  

All effortlessly integrated with accounting and the other parts of the system.


Project Management

Manage project financials and Documents. Share important files & collaborate


Customer billing, vendor invoicing and payments, General ledger & financials

Estimating & Bid Management

Track project costs, markups and add-ons. Create customer proposals & job cost budgets

Operations & Administrative

Manage employees, skills and certifications, track requests for leave & time

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