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Operations & Administrative

there's more to running a company

There is more to running a successful company than just accounting and project management. The typical contractor uses a variety of tools to track and manage employees and all the other administrative aspects of running a business.

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Keep track of employee time for reporting on jobs, certified time, and union reporting. Hour and wage reports can be printed, e-mailed, or uploaded to the proper individuals and agencies.

Allow your employees direct access to request time-off.  When they do, their managers are automatically notified and approve or reject, based on need & balance of allotted time off.

Employees enter their expenses and attach the paper (or electronic) receipts.  The expenses are easily charged to jobs and the employees get reimbursed via AP check or a paycheck.

Skills, licenses, and certifications are tracked with their details and expiration dates for each employee.  Make sure your people have the qualifications customers require on the jobs.

Complete solution to manage your business and projects.

Twenty20 provides the tools to integrate your pre-construction and sales, your project management, accounting your other operational functions such as HR and equipment tracking. all in one single system.

Time Tracking

Time Entry

Employee time can be entered by the employee directly or their supervisors, and managers, directly from a desktop computer or from a phone/tablet via our mobile application. It goes through an approval process, then is included in job cost amounts and available for paycheck processing.

Getting it Right

There are tools to help get the time entry accurate. Setting defaults on pay categories, union and certified classes, worker's comp codes, etc. make it easier to get it right. Automatic overtime calculation helps to make sure you meet with your state's rules and regulations.

Project Time

When an employee's time relates to a project, it can be entered along with site conditions and events as part of Daily Log. The jobs and time entries stay linked for fast cross-refencing and flexible reporting. Employee pay rate and benefit details are kept confidential.


After getting the employees paid, the results of the time collection and payroll process are shown in reports. Use Twenty20 to generate time & pay reports for Certified Payroll, Union reporting, and Tax reporting. The output options include printing to paper, e-mailing, and creating files ready for upload.

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Leave Management

Allocate Available Time

Start by designating what kinds of time off you'll allow your employees to take, such as PTO, Sick, Vacation, etc. and whether it is paid time or not. Next allocate how much each employee has accumulated/earned. They will be able to see their balance of time remaining.

Requesting Time Off

It is easy for the users to access the system and request time off from within a calendar view. They can see what balances of allocated time remain and request only what is available, before submitting their request (with any notations) to their department manager for approval.

Leave Request Approval Process

Once a request has been submitted, the department manager will receive an e-mail and an internal notification for approval (or rejection). The manager can check the company calendar for other approved time off and pending requests, to help make the determination.

PTO Payments

When approved paid-time-off (PTO) is taken, the related time entries are automatically generated. The balances of available time off are updated, and the time off becomes part of the payroll process for the appropriate payroll period.

See for yourself

A live, on-line demonstration is available at your request, regardless of location or time zone.  You will be on an individual guided tour of one of our sample datasets and see all of the applications, modules, and functionality on offer.  Get your specific questions answered immediately and personally.

Expense Reports

Enter Receipts

We help keep the expense reporting process pretty simple. Employees log in and choose between your own list of expense types, such as mileage, meals, rentals, etc., upload any receipts and supporting documents, and code the entries to the appropriate jobs.

Periodic Expense Reports

Completed expense and receipt entries are eligible to become part of the expense reports, that can ultimately result in getting the employee reimbursed. Select the date range and link the necessary expense entries, then route for approval.

Expense Report Approval Process

Once an expense report has been submitted, the department manager will receive an e-mail and an internal notification for approval, rejection, or correction. The entries can be for receipts on a company account/credit card , or for eventual reimbursement to the employee.


Once expense/receipts are approved, if they qualify for employee reimbursement, the either become part of an payable invoice, or are added to the employee's paycheck for the next appropriate payroll period.

Let us show you how twenty20 brings it all together

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Certifications & Training

Certifications & Licenses

From driver's and operator's licenses, to OSHA, Industry, and Equipment certifications, etc. our Human Resources module allows for the details and expirations of all employee licenses and certifications. Reduce liability exposure and ensure workplace safely.

Work History and Work Permits

Employees come and go and come back again. We'll help you keep their records together with each time they enter or exit the organization. Also, record that your foreign workers are qualified to work by tracking work permit and visa authorizations and expirations.

Skill Sets

Sometimes you need to follow the miscellaneous skills of your people and track their aptitude in a unique way. Do this by defining 'skills' and different 'skill levels', then note the achievements of each employee. This is especially helpful in organizations with over 50 employees.

Academic and Professional Experience

When and where were your employees educated, to what levels, and in what fields of study? It will help to know those details when you need help narrowing down your list of employees qualified for a task or position.

Project Management

Manage project financials and Documents. Share important files & collaborate


Customer billing, vendor invoicing and payments, General ledger & financials

Estimating & Bid Management

Track project costs, markups and add-ons. Create customer proposals & job cost budgets

Operations & Administrative

Manage employees, skills and certifications, track requests for leave & time

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