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Project Management

Stay on budget. Stay organized. Stay on schedule.

Twenty20 combines document management, project financials, and advanced collaboration to give you the tools to keep your projects on schedule and on budget all while allowing you to share important project components and files with other stakeholders.

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From estimates, to proposals, through negotiation, then signed contracts, Twenty20 integrates documents, production, costs, and revenues.  The projects get done.  The customer gets billed.  You get paid.

Cost control is vital.  Twenty20’s  purchase orders, subcontracts, and change orders keep project managers in touch with committed costs from suppliers and subcontractors.  Avoid errors to ensure success.

Drawings, specs, RFIs, daily field reports, submittals, project meetings, tasks and all other project related documents are easily stored with a simple drag-and-drop of files and attachments.

Select and control the project details to share with internal and/or external stakeholders & production associates as you wish.  Manage & maintain document distribution, revisions, and responses.

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Contracts & Change Orders

Customer Proposals, Contracts & Change Orders

Prepare and present your customers with professional proposals, contracts, and change orders. Negotiate, revise, and secure the signatures. The details automatically tie the projected revenues back to the estimated and actual costs.

Customer Billing

As the work is getting done and you are generating revenues. Now record the project revenues through Progress Billings / Pay Applications, T&M Invoices, and simple Contract Billings. Track customer balances and collect the receipts.

Payment Management

Run aging reports on your invoiced amounts and retainage held, then generate and send customer statements for those that have fallen behind. Enter the cash receipts individually or in batches, or even record customer deposits before you ever generate a billing.

Revenue Reports & Analysis

Several views and reports are available to compare revenues to costs. Many reporting levels are available, from the most granular within a portion of a single project, by project manager, by profit center, through a high-level overview of company performance.

Complete solution to manage your business and projects.

Twenty20 provides the tools to integrate your pre-construction and sales, your project management, accounting your other operational functions such as HR and equipment tracking. all in one single system.

Costs & Commitments

Subcontracts & Subcontract Change Orders

You and your subs will all benefit with official subcontracts (and their change orders) that are managed well. A well-defined scope and cost, agreed upon by all parties, keeps everyone honest, so the work gets completed and paid for. Our 'pay-when-paid' option helps control cash flow too.

Purchase Orders

Negotiate the best prices with the best suppliers, then lock them in with purchase orders. Keep control of the delivery schedules, invoicing, and job costs. Make sure to attach electronic copies of the original documents with a simple drag-and-drop.

Vendor Invoice Management

Scan and enter the vendor invoices and credits as they come in, then get them approved. Figure out the amount of funds available. Run the reports to show which invoices/vendors are due to be paid in the next check run or generate an ACH file and upload to your bank.

Reports & Analysis

Give access to project stakeholders to access and view the project portal. With the portal or subcontractors can submit applications for payment, enter RFIs and Submittals, and download drawings, specifications and other important project files.

See for yourself

A live, on-line demonstration is available at your request, regardless of location or time zone.  You will be on an individual guided tour of one of our sample datasets and see all of the applications, modules, and functionality on offer.  Get your specific questions answered immediately and personally.

Document Management

RFIs, Submittals, Project Meetings

Take control of RFIs, Daily Field Reports, Submittals, Project Meetings, Tasks and all other project related documents with easy drag-and-drop file attachments. Invite others to participate, collaborate, or just have them stay informed.

Daily Field Reports and Time Tracking

Follow the real-time events on all projects with daily reports as your site supervisors record the day-to-day details on the job sites. Your laborers' time entries are linked to the same form, ensuring accountability and that they are paid accordingly.

Drawings, Specifications, and Files

Maintain original and current drawings and specs on a project, while tracking every revision in between. You'll need these reference tools to guide the final result, resolve RFI's and collect submittals. We make it easy to import, label, and share.

Tasks and Scheduling*

Project scheduling will keep production on track. Manage workdays, resources, and delays in a Gantt Chart view with fully integrated scheduling application. *Coming soon.

Let us show you how twenty20 brings it all together

    Try it for free for 30 days! 

Collaboration & Distribution

Document Routing and Approval

When project documents and accounting transactions need to be reviewed, rejected, revised, or approved, Twenty20 gives you the power to assign responsibility and to manage and distribution of the records by e-mail, via our project portal, or by instant messaging with notifications.

E-mail Communications

Send e-mails directly from the system to get answers on RFIs, to keep stakeholders informed of issuance of new submittals, plus responses & revisions of specifications, subcontracts and change orders.

Project Portal

Give access to project stakeholders to access and view the project portal. With the portal or subcontractors can submit applications for payment, enter RFIs and Submittals, and download drawings, specifications and other important project files.

Document Control & Logging

Document logs for RFIs and submittals are available for communication management like checking for overdue responses or approvals. They can be filtered, saved in PDF format, or exported in common spreadsheet formats.

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Project Management

Manage project financials and Documents. Share important files & collaborate


Customer billing, vendor invoicing and payments, General ledger & financials

Estimating & Bid Management

Track project costs, markups and add-ons. Create customer proposals & job cost budgets

Operations & Administrative

Manage employees, skills and certifications, track requests for leave & time

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