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A successful company knows why it's profitable

Twenty20’s adaptive accounting tools and reports help you pilot the company to profitability and success by providing the details for high-level management and focused analysis of your operations and financials.  Confidently produce the documentation required for lenders, bonding agents, and business partners.

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Managing your cash flows by ensuring your bills are paid & your revenues are collected is easily accomplished and monitored for the whole company, or per project.

Whether complex or simple, the flexible sub-ledger and account setup options allow for broad customization.  Also, closing the year is remarkably easy.

Tracking the actual, committed, and projected costs against costs estimates and revenues to any level(s) of detail you define.  CSI codes are a perfect fit.

Full payroll functions are available, including union, certified, OCIP, calculations and reporting per job.  Capture time entries from our mobile app.

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Payables & Receivables


Record your revenues through Progress Billings / Pay Applications, T&M Invoices, simple Contract Billings, etc. From the same ‘Receivables’ menu, keep track of less common, but no less important, customer deposits on jobs, customer credits, and miscellaneous receipts.


Easily track expenditures in the Payables menu to enter invoices and vendor credits, then mark them for payment, and generate the payments. Manage subcontracts, their change orders, and purchase orders. Record and monitor required insurance certificate compliance & expiration dates.


Send or receive payments in multiple formats, including ACH, EFT, paper checks, and credit card transactions. At the end of the month, upload your bank statement for quick reconciliation.


Track your payables & receivables and held retention in Aging reports organized by project or by customer. Generate customer and vendor statements.

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General Ledger

Financial Reporting

Generate the necessary Ledger Reports and Financial Statements with appropriate date range and profit center filters.


Reconcile your General Ledger to your bank accounts, and to your projects’ costs & revenues.

Bank Account Management

Import statements from your financial institutions to keep a close eye on your cash flow, activity, and cash account balances.


Asses the financial impact of your assets, liabilities, equities, revenues, and expenses over the long term or day-to-day.

See for yourself

A live, on-line demonstration is available at your request, regardless of location or time zone.  You will be on an individual guided tour of one of our sample datasets and see all of the applications, modules, and functionality on offer.  Get your specific questions answered immediately and personally.

Job Costing & Analysis

Job Costing

Operations management starts with comparing project costs vs estimated costs, then billing for the units or percent complete. Twenty20’s pre-built reports show you the way to efficiency and profitability.

Committed Costs

Subcontracts and Purchase Orders control project expenditures, keeping you within budget by reducing errors and overcharges. Run the pay-when-paid options to generate subcontract invoices based on current bills to your customer.

Work in Process

Prepare reports on costs and revenues for projects completed and in progress. Your owners, lenders, insurers, and bonding agents will be asking for these details.

Revenue Recognition

Be certain your costs get captured then generate revenues, by calculating your amounts to bill on pay applications and through T&M billings.

Let us show you how Twenty20 brings it all together.

    Try it for free for 30 days! 

Payroll & Time Tracking


Twenty20 has full payroll capabilities to get your staff paid for their time and expenses. Those costs are applied to their projects and the general ledger automatically.

Time Entry

Employees can enter their time through a mobile application. As soon as time entries are approved, related jobs get updated with the hours and the costs (even before payroll is processed.)

Time Tracking

The time is tracked for reporting on jobs, certified time, and union reporting. Hour and wage reports can be printed, e-mailed, or uploaded to the proper individuals and agencies.

Earnings, Benefits, Deductions, Taxes, and Net Pay

Whether salaried, hourly, on commission, etc., set up the calculations necessary for your organization, and get the employees paid via check or direct deposit.

Project Management

Manage project financials and Documents. Share important files & collaborate


Customer billing, vendor invoicing and payments, General ledger & financials

Estimating & Bid Management

Track project costs, markups and add-ons. Create customer proposals & job cost budgets

Operations & Administrative

Manage employees, skills and certifications, track requests for leave & time

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